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OSGeo Member
Name: Veronica Andreo Vero 400x400px.jpg
Job Title: Researcher and lecturer
Company: CONICET. Instituto Gulich (CONAE-UNC).
City: Cordoba
Country: Argentina
Local Chapter: Geolibres
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): Spanish; English; Italian
Personal Description : Vero holds a PhD in Biology and a MSc degree in GIS and Remote Sensing. She is mostly interested in GIS and remote sensing uses and applications for public health, environmental monitoring and disaster management. She is a GRASS GIS and FOSS4G enthusiast and a very active promoter of Osgeo/FOSS4G philosophy everywhere: in conferences, courses, workshops and so on. She is mainly involved in GRASS GIS community contributing tutorials, examples, general documentation, user support, translations, etc.
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[[Company::CONICET. Instituto Gulich (CONAE-UNC).| ]]

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