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This page will be used to track the Milestones reached by each project particpating in the OSGeo Umbrella for the 2007 Google Summer of Code.

Project Information

Student Project Primary Mentor/Contact Alternate Mentor/Contact Subscribed To Project Mailing List Subscribed To OSGeo Mailing List Repository Access Student Has Mailed Project Mailing List
Daniel Bundala GRASS - Line simplification & Smoothing Modules (Abstract) Wolf Bergenheim - Y Y Y Y
Maximilian Maldacker GRASS - Shortest Path in Free Vector Space (Abstract) Wolf Bergenheim - Y Y Y Y
Klokan Petr Přidal GDAL - GDAL2Tiles, Tile Raster Driver Howard Butler - Y Y
Jens Oberender GDAL - KML Read Support For Existing Driver Mateusz Loskot - Y Y Y
Christophe Rousson uDig - Data Caching Ian Turton Jesse Y Y Y Y
Eduin Yezid Carrillo Vega PostGIS - Materialized Views with Geometric Support Mark Leslie Kevin Neufeld Y Y Y Y
Christopher Whitney GeoServer - JTileCache Justin Deoliveira Andrea Aime Y Y
Daniele Romagnolil GeoTools - Multi-Dimensional Raster Data Sources (Abstract) Simone Giannecchini Martin Desruisseaux Y Y Y Y
Jan Jezek GeoTools and uDig - Transformation Algorithms Jesse Eichar Martin Desruisseaux Y Y Y Y
Xing Lin PostGIS - Coverage Model and Operations (Abstract) Timothy Keitt (request to postgis-devel) Y Y Y Y
Anthony Manfredi GeoServer - Style Editor Andrea Aime Cory Horner Y Y Y
Rui Li uDig Interactive GeoRSS Tool (Abstract) Richard Gould Justin Deolivera Y Y Y
Hans Haggstrom GeoTools 3D Rendering Pipeline Jody Garnett Landon Blake Y ? Y Y
Adam Nowacki GDAL - OCG WMS Driver Daniel Morissette ? Y Y
Michael Craig 3D Rendering Pipeline Component For GIS Servers (cancelled) Landon Blake Jody Garnett N N N N

Note: Another similar table can be found here: - http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GEOTOOLS/Summer+of+Code


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