2011 GIS in Action Update on Japan Crisis Mapping

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GIS In Action March 30, 2011. PSU. 3:15pm-3:45pm.

Catalog Description

Update on Japan Crisis Mapping

Presenter: Rafa Guttierrez.

With the disaster that's fallen upon Japan in the past week, there's been a rush of geographic data streams hitting the web. There are mashups and visualizations everywhere and some people who are jumping into CrisisCamps wanting to help. At the forefront are OpenStreetMap contributors who are using a variety of tools such as JOSM, Potlatch2, QGIS, Merkaartor, and even ArcGIS. There are also folks contributing other types of data such as 3D visualizations and climate analyses.

Audience Notes

Rafa went though and talked about the history of crisis mapping. Rafa's crisis and map website

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