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This meetup was hosted at Assembly CoWorking Space. Thanks to Assembly for providing us space free of charge.

5:30 Doors Open

6:00 Introductions attendees and OSGeo

6:15 Presentations

  • Jeremy Squire: Proposed a tool for aiding constituents in responding to civic development proposals.
    • Jer has some documentation and examples already prepared
    • It was mentioned that City of Calgary has some low resolution ("cube") spatial building information avialable as open source
  • Scott McHale: QGIS Workshop Offer
    • Briefly discussed offer from North River Geographic (Randall Hale) for discounted QGIS workshops



Membership Signups

  • Discussed the advantages of having people commit to membership as part of demonstrating interest
    • There was also some discussion surrounding the perceived complexity of the processes for signing up to mailinglists, wiki's, etc ...

Mailing List signups

  • We want to honour the transparency of the group by using accepted "low/no-barrier" methods such as mailing lists for formal chapter communications
    • There was talk of the difficulty in making sense of all the mailinglists and the discussions within as well as the general sign-up complexity
      • A couple people felt they had signed up for one thing or another but weren't sure if it was successful.
  • Slack signups at #osgeo-alberta in TheSpatialCommunity workspace for ongoing chatter were encouraged.