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Notes from March meeting:

Discussion on Radon Monitoring project: (Cassidy)

  • What to build:
    • Focus on something simple with focus on the radon use case
      • Be open to other applications as you build
      • Look for existing projects or technologies that are relevant

ACTION: Cassidy will reach out to SensorUp to understand potential fit

  • Engaging the community:
    • Create some concise project documentation to enable engagement by others with as little intervention required as possible

ACTION: Gavin will create a starting point doc ( 5 Block Process )

Discussion on Meetup content:

  • Exchanging knowledge is the best part of every meetup.
  • Cassidy has agreed to be a resource for image manipulation and analysis and Stefan also said he’d be able to contribute
  • Cassidy loaded a poll on Slack #osgeo-alberta channel. “What would you like to learn more about the most in an OSGeo AB meeting"

So far “PostGIS” is in the lead and “FOSS4G” is second though we have few votes on there

REMINDER SLACK: Everyone is welcome to join us on the #osgeo-alberta channel of The Spatial Community Slack workspace. Information about joining The Spatial Community can be found here: https://thespatialcommunity.org/ We will continue to ensure any “formal” decisions are communicated via this mailing list but Slack seems to be a more natural space for folks to take part


If you have good knowledge on any relevant technologies, please feel free to let the community know. We can gather up questions on Slack ( or by whatever means ) and spend some time at any of the meetings to have experts answer to them or show a skill.

Please feel free to respond via the mailing list, pick up the conversation on slack, or reach out directly to me at scott.mchale@shaw.ca.