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Minutes: September 2nd

  • Ashok Krishnamurthy, Associate Professor at Mount Royal University
    • Ashok presented a follow-up on some work he was doing on COVID 19 modeling - see more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jbGZ7lhISk - and had discussion on the geospatial effort required and problems he was encountering.



  • Workshop Delivery
    • Asked the question: Can this community deliver these or other free workshop materials?
    • https://courses.spatialthoughts.com/
      • Tanya thought this could fit with future events she is putting together and Wendy also thought there was possibility.
        • They have (since the meeting) begun the work of divvying up some of the materials for delivery.

We were done by 7.30ish.

These events are open to all. Feel free to bring your topics, projects, or presentations.

Some suggestions from the chapter for presentations include:

  • Show us your side hustle
  • Bring us your problems ( stuff you're working on and issues )
  • Teach something new ( OS Geo projects or other ).