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Minutes : July 7, 2021

  • Scott, Stefan, Ashok
  • Following:
    • We have no presentations currently planned. Feel free to reach out either on the OSGeo mailing list, or you can reach me at scott.mchale@shaw.ca.
    • Stefan Price will probably have some stuff ( he usually does ).
  • Following: Any chapter business or discussion.
    • We are discussing bringing on GIS/Geospatial projects which members can take on or assist with. This meeting we will talk about how we might want to first capture, then track and engage with projects.
    • We've had two suggestions for GIS projects which would be useful for local non-profit groups. We can use those - or any other proposals which come forward - as examples as we determine how to move forward on this initiative.
  • NOTES:
    • Scott reach out to Tanya on Arts center project
    • Scott make inquiry on attaching "mentors" ( folks who would make an hour per week/mo/whatever aailable to support a project ) to projects
    • Scott reach out for BA's who would want to help sus out the needs of the stakeholder groups
    • Ask Tanya to help coordinate the talk with the Calgary Without Cars team
    • We will not solicit further projects for the time being
      • want to be sure not to take up stakeholder time if nothing produced
      • Try to have mentors "phase" the projects so newcomers can assess their ability to take it on

  • Chat & any proposed Chapter business or initiatives

This event is open to all. Feel free to bring your topics, projects, or presentations.

Some suggestions from the chapter for presentations include:

  • Show us your side hustle
  • Bring us your problems ( stuff you're working on and issues )
  • teach something new ( OS Geo projects or other ).