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PROPOSED AGENDA : 2021.08.04

5.45pm: ONLINE LOBBY (https://meet.jit.si/OSGeoAlbertaChapterMonthlyMeetup)

  • Phone: 647.243.6108 | MeetingID: 2203355915

6.00pm: Attendee Introductions



  • No presentations currently planned. Feel free to reach out either on the OSGeo mailing list, or you can reach me at scott.mchale@shaw.ca if you wish to present or suggest presenters

Chat & any proposed Chapter business or initiatives:

Platforming Projects:

  • We've begun discussion on how best to go about 'platforming' some projects
    • We have 2 projects that have been suggested and a great one that Tanya recommended from the Geowomen - Data By Design Datathon (https://geowomen.org/data-by-design/)
    • In the first 2 of these cases we have not contacted the direct stakeholders, as yet. We want to understand interest, capacity, etc to be sure we're being respectful of peoples' time. People close to the organizations have suggested an interest.
      1. Local Cultural Centre
        • Have GIS points for sculptures on property and would like presentation to include GIS and cultural significance
      2. Non-Profit Conservation Area and Day Use area SW of Calgary would benefit from mapping of the area
        • Spotty cell coverage and wilderness terain may make this an excellent field collection exercise in addition to mapping
      3. Carpocalypse Calgary!
        • The Carpocalypse Calgary team from the Data By Design Datathon have agreed to come present in October.
        • Here is a lnk to their project submission: https://github.com/adrianleung60/carpocalypse
        • The team is preparing a brief talk - but longer than the 7 minutes they had at the datathon - for that monthly meeting.
        • The project is open on github and and uses open tools and data, as well.

This event is open to all. Feel free to bring your topics, projects, or presentations.

Some suggestions from the chapter for presentations include:

  • Show us your side hustle
  • Bring us your problems ( stuff you're working on and issues )
  • teach something new ( OS Geo projects or other ).