2021.11.12 KOAC Project

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DRAFT MINUTES in progress Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre Project Meeting ( will be confirmed by attendees )

Attendees:Ricardo, Bob, Nabila, Scott, (Tanya sent questions ahead)

  • Notes:
    • Primary Arts Centre goals for app:
      • allow self-tour of the primary 10 acre park for visitors with sculpture info presented as needed spatially
      • allow links to Art Centre webpages, donation links, etc ...
      • Allow self-tour from website without requiring visit
    • Other/Potential/Secondary app goals
      • Allow visitor image posting
      • Capture visitor info
      • Include layers with gathered horticultural info/elevation, etc...
      • Expansion to include other sculpture sites
  • Demo (Nabila)
    • Yui & Nabila determined Mapbox as most suitable. Nabila walked through a Mapbox example with similar capababilities to the project asks
    • Confirmed can run both handheld & desktop
    • Confirmed sculptures can be geolocated and raise contextual information based on user location
    • Zoom in/out should maintain accuracy in areas where scuptures are placed closely together
    • Could include actual navigation from sculpture to sculpture but probably not required at this time
    • Confirmed really any geospatial information could be added ( paths, buildings, accessibility information, horticulture, etc ) if the Centre can fund its collection and inclusion.
    • Security:
      • Hasn't been looked at specifically but it is a commercial grade product.
    • Pricing
      • 1st 25K views free, $4/1000 views aftwerward
      • Considered reasonable
    • Succession:
      • The code will be with KOAC and is based on the opensource mapbox software [Nabila? Yui? Am I getting that right? - Scott]
      • Maintenance / changes (moves, additions) will be required
        • Warranty won't be included in the product but both Nabila & Yui would consider taking on the work
        • Bob & Ricardo, of course, would look for the opportuntiy to hire the project team members for that work
    • Project
      • Nabila & Yui can begin working in earnest second week of December
      • Ricardo is hoping to have something in users hands by spring
    • Other Considerations
      • Nabila & Yui will track their hours on the project
      • A certificate for the work will be provided by KOAC
      • Credit for the work will be given in the app
      • KOAC benefits from having tracked volunteer hours when applying for grants and other funding [GOOD TO KNOW FOR ALL NON-PROFIT PROJECTS!!]