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American Geophysical Union annual conference.

2008 Conference

San Francisco, December, 2008 Link to Meeting Homepage

OSGeo Sessions

There are several; search for "open source" on the abstract index page.

Session: Open Source Remote Sensing for Environmental Mapping and Analysis Posters

  • Time: Wednesday 8:00
  • Location: MC Hall D
  • Presiding: P Fox, HAO/ESSL/NCAR; A N Pilant, US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Exposure Research Laboratory, Landscape Characterization Branch

A Matlab Program for Textural Classification Using Neural Networks

  • Location: IN31C-1146
  • Authors: E P Leite, C de Souza Fil

AWIPS II+: An Open-Source SOA Solution Enabling Environmental Remote Sensing Integration, Analysis, and Decision Support

  • Location: IN31C-1147
  • Authors: P E Ardanuy, C A Hood, S G Moran, A A Ritchie, A M Tarro, A J Nappi
  • Abstract

Landscape-Scale Soil Carbon Inventories by Microclimate Decomposition

  • Location: IN31C-1148
  • Authors: D E Beaudette, A T O'Geen
  • Abstract

The Wildland Fire Emissions Information System: Providing information for carbon cycle studies with open source geospatial tools

  • Location: IN31C-1149
  • Authors: N H French, T Erickson, D McKenzie
  • Abstract

Hyperspectral mapping and vulnerability modeling of effects of excessive overland flow on riparian arboreal ecosystems

  • Location: IN31C-1150
  • Authors: P G Oduor, A Nakamura

Building Geospatial Web Services for Ecological Monitoring and Forecasting

  • Location: IN31C-1151
  • Authors: S H Hiatt, H Hashimoto, F S Melton, A R Michaelis, C Milesi, R R Nemani, W Wang
  • Abstract

Mapping Deforestation In Parts Of The Amazon Forest Using JERS-1 SAR Images: Case Study For An Area North West Of Rondonia, Brazil

  • Location: IN31C-1153
  • Authors: R Gens, A Prakash, S Li

Environmental Remote Sensing Analysis Using Open Source Virtual Earths and Public Domain Imagery

  • Location: IN31C-1154
  • Authors: A N Pilant, L D Worthy
  • Abstract

MapReady: An Open Source Tool for the Utilization of SAR in Geospatial Applications

  • Location: IN31C-1155
  • Authors: D Atwood, P Denny, K Hogenson, B Dixon, R Gens
  • Abstract

OSGeo Booth

None this time how about next year AGU Fall 2009 AGU Meetings Page.

OSGeo Social

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