Africa Chapter Report 2007

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= Project Name = Africa Chapter

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Gavin Fleming

Key Accomplishments

  • won the bid to host FOSS4G2008 in Cape Town, South Africa, from 29 Sept to 3 Oct.
  • kept the africa list going - standing at 178 members. It was quite active during the year with amongst other topics several FOSS GIS courses announced in East and South Africa.

Areas for Improvement

  • none stand out

Opportunities to Help

  • Come to FOSS4G2008! Present a workshop or paper! Help with organisation! Sponsor!
  • Help with Africa chapter formation processes
  • Offer courses, training, support generally for FOSS GIS in the region as much capacity building needs to take place with the South African government having adopted a FOSS policy.

Outlook for 2008

  • FOSS4G2008 is going to be a fantastic event, make sure you're there!
  • This year I hope to go through the formalities of launching the Africa Chapter, which till now has been an informal grouping. There's no reason it has to be an Africa Chapter and not several regional or local chapters, but perhaps an Africa one is best to start, then local or language based ones can hive off when they get critical mass.