Autodesk Report 2008

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Throughout 2008, Autodesk was proud to maintain our strong support for the OSGeo community through active development of the MapGuide Open Source and FDO projects, the contribution of new technology such as CS Map, and our sustaining sponsorship of the Foundation.

MapGuide Open Source is becoming an even more mature and open platform for developing sophisticated web-mapping applications thanks to community-driven technology integration with Fusion, OpenLayers, and MapGuide Maestro. We also welcomed CamptoCamp’s support in developing the first MapGuide Open Source Live CD.

We are also especially pleased to see FDO Open Source playing a significant role democratizing access to information. Development around FDO providers grew at a rapid pace, with new ones created for KML, Microsoft® SQL Server Spatial® 2008, IBM® Informix Dynamic Server, SuperMap, PostGIS, SQLite and GE® Smallworld.

In August 2008, we announced donation of source code for the CS-Map coordinate system technology to the OSGeo community. Making CS-Map open source allows open collaboration between CS-Map, PROJ.4, and other open source coordinate libraries under the MetaCRS project. We thank Norm Olsen for his continued efforts and the MetaCRS community for coming together around this technology.

Lastly, we congratulate OSGeo on holding a vibrant and dynamic FOSS4G 2008 conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and for promoting open source geospatial software as an important option for developing nations and the region.