Board Election 2007 Process

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The OSGeo Board of Directors is required to have more members added, making room for at least half of them to be replaced or at least stand for re-election along with new candidates. See Proposed Board Election Procedure for detailed steps. This page is for showing progress and status. For current Board members see Board of Directors page.

There are 3 phases to this years Board of Directors election, see following sections for more details:

  1. Turnover of existing board: selecting 5 members from the Board to stand for re-election or, at their discretion, to step down completely. This is to make spaces available for new or re-elected candidates. The resulting Board will still be made up of 9 members - 4 existing plus 5 elected this year.
  2. Nominations: Charter Members can nominate other Charter Members to be part of the election.
  3. Voting: Charter Members will vote, choosing from the final list of nominees.


5 members of the Board were randomly chosen to step down from the board following the close of the new election, but with the option of standing for re-election. This process makes 5 spaces available on the Board of Directors - to be filled through an upcoming election (see next section).

Stepping Down

  1. Gary Lang
  2. Mark Lucas

Mark and Gary do not expect to have as much time as they would like to commit to their board positions. They have declined to stand for re-election, so that their seats on the board can be made available to other, new, directors who will have more time to commit.

Running for Re-election

  1. Markus Neteler
  2. Venkatesh Raghavan
  3. Jo Walsh

Markus, Venka and Jo will all stand for re-election into their board positions.

Nominations (CLOSED)

The nomination period is now CLOSED. The following is retained for historical purposes only. For a complete list of confirmed nominees, see Board Election 2007 Voting.

Past process was described in the Proposed Board Election Procedure. Please review that page before nominating anyone.

  • Existing Charter Members can now nominate other Charter Members for the Board of Director election.
  • Nominees must be chosen from this list.
  • Nominators must also be from that list.
  • Nominations open today (11-July-07) and close at end of day-midnight UTC 19-July-07.
  • Nominations must be sent to - subject line: Board Nomination.
  • You must supply a description/rationale for anyone you nominate - this will ensure that others are aware of their involvement/accomplishments and experience and can consider the same value you see in the individual. For example, list involvement so far in OSGeo, vision they have for promoting FOSS, management experience they would bring to the board, and other Positive Attributes.
  • Nominees will be verified that they are willing to stand, Tyler will contact them if the nominator has not already done so. If you can verify with the candidate before sending in the nomination, it will help the process run faster.
  • As nominees are confirmed, they will be added to this page, along with your rationale and the name of the nominators.
  • After all nominees are confirmed, Tyler will notify Charter Members to start the voting.
  • Voting is tentatively scheduled to start 23-July-07 and to run for 10 days.


Please see Board Election 2007 Voting.


  • Daniel Morissette - declined due to lack of time on his part
  • Toru Mori - declined due to lack of time on his part
  • Jan-Oliver - declined due to lack of time on his part
  • Howard Butler - focused on other areas in OSGeo at present
  • Rafael Sperb - hoping to be more involved in future first
  • Rob Atkinson - declined due to lack of time and focused on other areas