Board Election 2018 Results

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Theses are the final results from the 2018 elections for the open seats of the OSGeo Board of Directors. The formal announce was made on the discuss mailing list on this thread. There were four seats open and they have been filled by (alphabetical order):

  • Angelos Tzotsos
  • Michael Smith
  • Tom Kralidis
  • Victoria Rautenbach

Thanks to all candidates for going through the elections and exposing themselves. Overall voting participation was 80% (341 out of 427) and there were no tie scores to arbitrate. Thank you to all who voted!

The complete resulting Board is:

  • María Arias de Reyna
  • Astrid Emde
  • Jody Garnett
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Angelos Tzotsos
  • Michael Smith
  • Tom Kralidis
  • Victoria Rautenbach

Congratulations and please welcome the new OSGeo directors!

We wish to thank the outgoing directors for their continued support of OSGeo and for helping to run a fantastic organizations with a great membership and lots of energy. We thank all candidates who stood in this election and all OSGeo Charter Members for their contribution and votes.

Detailed results

  • Membership: 427
  • Valid votes: 341

Name Count
Angelos Tzotsos 206
Victoria Rautenbach 174
Tom Kralidis 163
Michael Smith 155
Steven Feldman 138
Malena Libman 130
Nicolas Bozon 111