Board Meeting 2015-11-12

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 12th of November 2015 at 14.00 UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


Current items


As time permits:

  • GeoServer Janurary code sprint
  • Quick GeoTools update
  • clarify Geo4all position within OSGeo: 1) Vote to move the related document to OSGeo wiki; 2) Approve to take up discussions with the Geo4All Advisory Board based on the draft.
  • information about the potential UCGIS MOU, distribution of the draft document proposed by UCGIS


  • Attending: Anita, Mike, Sanghee, Jeff, Helena, Maxi, Jody, Vasile, Venka
  • Presiding: Jeff
  • Scribing: Jeff

Assigned Tasks

  • [Sanghee] contact Mike for sending OSGeo seed money + FOSS4G surplus to OSGeo
  • [All] arrange travel for Board F2F meeting, for 30/31 January in the Netherlands
  • [Jeff] ask 2016 committee if the "topic talks" is open (can someone like the FAO hold a session?)
  • [Jody] submit request to the public OSGeo board list for the GeoServer January code sprint funding support
  • [Helena] drive discussions with GeoForAll-NA region chairs regarding possible UCGIS MoU document

Motions (confirmed by email)

See email thread on the Board list.

Motion +1 0 -1 Abstain Passed? Notes
Approve past meeting's minutes 9 0 0 0 yes
OSGeo to pay for travel and arrangements at FOSS4G Bonn for all board members if a F2F board meeting is planned for there 7 1 1 0 no Strong community feedback that OSGeo should pay only additionally incurred cost (e.g. additional accommodations) for F2F board meeting at FOSS4G Bonn instead of paying for full travel and arrangements

Full, raw minutes notes

  • 13:59 Meeting starts
  • 14:03 MOTION: Approve past meeting minutes, 8 votes in favour, passed
  • 14:05 Treasurer report from Mike Smith
    • Used OSGeo credit card for purchasing travel for some board members for the January F2F meeting
    • Now has online access to OSGeo credit card
    • OSGeo credit card will be brought to the January F2F meeting
    • please contact Mike regarding travel reimbursement for F2F right away
    • no progress on contacting sponsors
    • Sanghee to contact Mike for sending OSGeo seed money + FOSS4G surplus to OSGeo
  • 14:07 Updates on F2F Meeting in January -all
    • anita, jody to plan their trips
    • mike, jeff, sanghee have their trips booked
    • mike suggests to add agenda item for official stance/policy/guidelines on working with LocationTech
  • 14:18 FOSS4G 2016 Update from Jeff
    • LOC has an idea to have "topic talks" - 90 minute slots led by an organization, like LocationTech or OSGeo, or OGC, or UN
    • will the slots be open or closely decided by LOC?
    • Anita is in contact with Astrid concerning some hacking before the event
    • from Maxi: jeff can you ask LOC about the call for the slot and report? What is your view?
    • jeff: i can definitely ask. I think the talks can be suggested by the org, but approved by the 2016 committee
    • maxi: maybe FAO is interested and could participate in the slot assignment for instance...
    • anita: I assume board members pay the same conference fee as other attendants, right? (Have to plan my conference budget for next year
    • jeff: all board travel could be covered if there is an official function as a F2F meeting
    • MOTION for OSGeo to pay for travel and arrangements at FOSS4G Bonn for all board members if a F2F board meeting is planned for there, 2 in favour, not passed
  • 14:33 FOSS4G 2017 Update from Sanghee
    • Sanghee will let the OSGeo Conference Committee know the selected city on 18th Nov, and then notify the OSGeo Board on the public board list which city is recommended by the OSGeo Conference Committee
    • Sanghee: However do I need to disclose final voting results?
    • jeff: i write that to everyone each year: not one person except you will ever know the voting results. Important to keep this vote secret. there is a lot on the line. millions of dollars. jobs. people get offended (trust me from past i know)
    • Vasile: personal advice. you should send personal e-mails to all the conference committee members asking them to vote until 17th
  • 14:46 GeoServer January code sprint from Jody
  • 14:50 Quick GeoTools update from Jody
    • We have been working to make GeoTools depend only on open source
    • this year we have a much harder task:
    • I wanted to bring this effort, established at the last geotools/geoserver meeting to the attention of the board.
    • jeff: OSGeo is interested as it affects several projects
    • helena: we need to check this kind of support with the conditions of our non profit status
    • mike: as part of our 501c4, organizations could support this but they wouldn't receive a tax deduction for doing so
  • 14:58 clarify Geo4all position within OSGeo from Venka
    • venka: Jody's comment can be merged with the present draft and the draft can be shifted to the wiki.
    • venka: After moving to the wiki, we need to talk to the Geo4all advisory board to get their feed back.
  • 15:06 information about the potential UCGIS MOU from Helena
    • helena: we were presented a draft MOU with UCGIS (University Consortium for GIS) - please read it and comment, also compare with the other MOUs
    • helena: UCGIS is a major organization in terms of GIS education and research, so this will be an important MOU but also a sensitive one
    • sanghee: Is UCGIS an international org or only for U.S. universities?
    • helena: Mostly US but I have seen people from other countries coming to the symposium, so there is some international component
    • jeff: maybe we might add to the draft that the primary OSGeo contact should be the NA region reps in GeoForAll
    • jeff: let's discuss and edit that page together through the list
  • 15:14 Next meeting time: 2015/12/10 + 14:00UTC Board Meeting 2015-12-10