Board Meeting 2016-3-10

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 10th of March 2016 at 14.00 UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


Current items


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Budget Plan 2016
  • Process for handling Code Sprint request
  • Support for QGIS HackFest at Girona
  • Status update on handling Service Provider page and OpenHUB requests
  • Update on Survey regarding OSGeo Strategic Plan
  • Update on OSGeo Seal Contest
  • Update Sponsorship and clarifying Project Sponsorship Category
  • FOSS4G 2016 update
  • FOSS4G 2017 seed funding approval
  • OSGeo Finland Chapter approval
  • foss4gna update
  • Funding QGIS Codesprint/Developers meeting - QGIS HackFest, Girona
  • UCGIS MOU update
  • add items

Items from past meetings


  • Attending: Venka, Anita, Dirk, Jody, Helena, Vasile
  • Presiding: Venka
  • Scribing: Vasile


Motions here are to be confirmed by email for public record.

Motion +1 0 -1 Abstain Passed? Notes
MOT0: Approve prior meeting minutes from February 2016 Jody, Venka, Vasile, Dirk, Helena Anita Yes
MOT1: Accept Budget Plan 2016 Venka, Dirk, Anita, Helena, Vasile, Jody Yes
MOT2: Approve 1000 USD as intreim budget for Marketing committee by e-mail vote Venka, Dirk, Helena, Jody, Vasile, Anita Yes
MOT3: Review existing procedure for Code Sprint support and discuss need for any change by e-mail Venka, Anita, Helena, Vasile, Dirk, Jody Yes
MOT4: Seek clarification form QGIS hackfest organizers and decide about support by email Venka, Anita, Helena, Vasile, Dirk, Jody Yes
Email MOT4.1: OSGeo 2000 EUR sponsorship of QGIS Hackfest Michael, Jody, Helena, Dirk. Venka, Anita, Sanghee Maxi passed as per event website
Email MOT4.2: Provide further support of up to 2000 EUR to share risk for the QGIS User and Developer Conference Michael, Jody, Helena, Dirk, Venka, Anita Maxi, Sanghee passed Shared risk with organizers
MOT5: Proceed with Seal Design voting process Venka, Anita, Helena, Vasile, Dirk, Jody Yes
MOT6: Approve Finland OSGeo Chapter Venka, Anita, Helena, Vasile, Dirk, Jody Yes
MOT7: Seek additional clarifications and attend to this agenda item by e-mail within 7 working days Venka, Jody, Anita, Helena, Dirk, Vasile Yes subject: FOSS4G 2017 seed funding approval
MOT8: Schedule next IRC meeting for April 14th Venka, Jody, Helena, Anita, Vasile Yes

Assigned Tasks

  • Venka, Jody, Anita: seek clarification from QGIS hackfest organizers and bring tit up to the board ML

Proposed Budget

Board meeting 11/2/2016 Amount Jan–August Sept–dec (Budget Increase) Notes
1. Admin 9.000,00 6000 3000 (4500) administration overhead
2. Insurance 3.200,00 2133 1067 (0)
3. SAC 12.800,00 9633 3167 (10800) infrastructure and online presence
4. Outreach 15.000 12500 2500 (13000) starter kits, LiveDVD/USB, Marketing, OSGeo Student Awards
5. Travel 15.000 7500 7500 (11000) director & president travel - facilitate interaction with external parties (UN, OGC,...)
6. Events 20.000 10000 10000 (11000) OSGeo internal (townhall, codesprint, ) and external (e.g.. ISPRS, EGU, GWF...) events
Total 75.000 47.766 27.234 (50.300) This represents a 50k increase on last years budget

This is the 2016 operating budget for OSGeo, prior to this baseline being set the board set a $150k floor (allowing for a year of minimal operating expenses ($50k) and two failed foss4g conferences ($50k x 2).

This is the 2016 operating budget for OSGeo, it does not cover:

  • Multi-year costs associated with our annual FOSS4G conference.
  • Budgets associated with individual projects (OpenLayers, MapServer, ...) are under their direction of their associated PSC.

OSGeo stepped down from playing an active role during our application for US 501(c)(4) status - we are now ready to take on this responsibility for committees and projects.

If your project or committee is interested in fundraising for an activity please ask the nearest board member for details on how we can help.

Full, raw minutes notes