Board Meeting 2016-8-24

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This board meeting is scheduled for the [24th of August 2016 at 18.00 UTC] during the FOSS4G 2016 conference through face to face discussion and follow up voting by email.


Current items


  • OSGeo AGM at Bonn
  • 2017 Budget planning
  • OSGeo strategy implementation
  • OSGeo committees
  • revision of tools facilitating board meetings (IRC, etc.)
  • OSGeo charter member election procedure
  • board elections procedures
  • FOSS4G conference principles and expectations
  • participation in UN initiative (see UnitedNation committee)


  • Attending: Vasile, Venka, Michael, Dirk, Maxi, Anita, Sanghee, Jody
  • Presiding: Dirk
  • Scribing: Maxi
  • Actions
    • pending

OSGeo AGM at Bonn

the board discussed the structure and agreed to have:

  • 10 min. with communications from the OSGeo officiers (President, Secretary and Thresurer)
  • 20 min. with communication from the OSGeo official committees
  • 20 min. with communications from the OSGeo local chapters

It has been decided to have projects communications only in the case that time is available. This because during the conference projects reports are generally already discussed.

2017 Budget planning

It has been decided to let the coming board to take this decision.

OSGeo strategy implementation

It has been remarked a low participation of charter members in the process of strategy implementation, so the board agreed to ask each official OSGeo committee to prepare a budget for the coming year The action item and envisioned costs shall be complaint with the OSGeo strategy to be accepted. To have an idea in 2016 the available budget for the strategy implementation was 75'000 USD.

OSGeo committees

it has been decided if a committee do not have:

  • at least one meeting in the last year with Web accessible minutes
  • the presentation at the AGM (in person or by video)

is considered inactive, and the board is empowered to take actions (dissolve, replace, etc..)

revision of tools facilitating board meetings

As a possible alternative the board decided to explore Loomio as a tool for discussion and slack/gitter instead of IRC for the next 3 months.

OSGeo charter member election procedure

it has been discussed that it doesn't make sense to run election procedure (which is a considerable effort) since almost all the candidate are elected. For the future it has been decided that:

  • To be elcted a charter member need a nomination by a current charter member and at least one other charter member seconding the nomination. Only veto can be rised by sending a private e-mail to the CRO that has to inform the board for an anonymous review. If the veto is accepted by the board, then the CRO shall make it public and the charter member is not elected.

board elections procedures

board members ending their mandate (maxi, dirk, mike, vasile) need to update their status on the [| wiki page] declaring if they stand or not for re-election by the 5th sept.

FOSS4G conference principles and expectations

it has been decided to ask the conference committee to discuss it and to provide suggestions/notes. Nevertheless the following item has been rised and discussed:

  • workshop trainers, has only minimal reduction prices but it is very important for promotion and is a considerable cost the preparation
  • the overall cost of the event seems to be too high
  • the OSGeo AGM has only a very limited time in the schedule
  • proposal rejection should maybe converted to poster session
  • the invitation of external expert to be less self-referntial

participation in UN initiative

The participation in the initative is supported by the board but clear objectives and impacts for OSGeo need to be defined. Possible outcomes may be:

  • ask for hosting/organising conferences
  • produce UN publication
  • trainig the trainers on workshops for OSGeo software dissemination


Motions here are to be confirmed by email for public record.

See [xxxx email thread] on the Board list.

Tabled for email discussion

Action Items

  • Anita: subscribe to Loomio and set-up;
  • Jody: set up of gitter for the next board meeting;
  • Venka: update the web pace indicating the UnitedNation committee officiers

Full, raw minutes notes

  • No raw minutes are available