Board Meeting 2020-07-27

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 27 July 2020 at 16:00 UTC through IRC, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
    • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  2. Review and approve past minutes
  3. AGM Annual General Meeting 2020
  4. Charter member elections planning
  5. Review action items from past meetings
  6. Certification from OSGeo [1]
  7. UCGIS MoU update, GISc Body of Knowledge OSGeo Live chapter author needed
  8. Sol Katz Award 2020
  9. recognize geostyler as joining the osgeo community program


  • Presiding: Till
  • Scribing: Angelos
  • Attending: Till, Angelos, Mike, Helena, Astrid, Tom, Codrina
  • Guests: Jody Garnett

Review and approve past minutes


Charter member elections planning

  • ACTION: Angelos to contact previous CRO team (Jorge Gustavo Rocha and Anne Ghisla)
  • Potential elections kick off 15th Sept.

Certification from OSGeo

  • Post on Board mailing list
  • If someone wants to do it, we would support that effort but it shouldn't be done by the board. Perhaps a new committee and some volunteers?
  • ACTION: Astrid can write the response and forward to the discuss list

UCGIS MoU update

  • Helena is working with John Wilson on expanding open source geospatial in UCGIS GIST Body of knowledge and is looking for volunteer to write about OSGeoLive
  • ACTION: Angelos to bring up to the next OSGeoLive meeting

Sol Katz Award 2020

  • Jeff wrote a mail and would like to start the process for Sol Katz Award 2020 [2]
  • The award will be given at the end of AGM

Recognize Geostyler as joining the OSGeo Community program

MOT1: Motion to recognize Geostyler as joining the OSGeo Community program

  • Angelos: +1 (Initial motion)
  • Helena: +1 (Seconded)
  • Till: 0
  • Tom: +1
  • Codrina: +1
  • Mike: +1

Review action items from past meetings

  • Angelos to send the Microsoft wish list soon
  • Astrid will send the mail to OSGeo sponsors and former FOSS4G sponsors