Board Meeting 2020-11-30

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 30 November 2020 at 16:00 UTC through IRC, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
    • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  2. Review and approve past minutes
  3. Idea: Sponsors automatic information gathering (No ticket yet)
  4. CRO meeting with SAC
    • OBJECTIVE: Put up to date the Charter member's information
    • HOW: Using the webpage database to gather the information of the charter member
      • Not all Charter member's have a profile page on the Website
      • The `bio` field is used by the member to talk about himself and its a big paragraph difficult to read despite the fact that the member's intention is not to have a big paragraph.
      • The Wiki pages is on transition to be accessed with ldap (osgeoid)
    • Planned Solutions (tickets to be opened after elections where it applies):
      • Announcement that for next elections the email data will be gathered from the website database
      • Change section: Bio -> Personal Mission Statement (A one sentence statement)
      • Add section: OSGeo Related activities (Final title to be defined)
      • Start contacting member so promote the creating and update of the profile
  5. Donations trac issue #2056
  6. Code of Conduct trac issue #2531
  7. Call FOSS4G 2022
  8. Review action items
  9. please add items


  • Presiding: Till
  • Scribing: Till, Angelos
  • Attending: Angelos, Till, Victoria, Tom, Vicky, Astrid, Mike
  • Guests: Jorge

Approve last meeting minutes

Idea: Sponsors automatic information gathering

  • Vicky explains, that if a sponsor donates, the date of donation is changed, and during 365 days the sponsor's logo is automatically shown on the website. So, that information on the website could be used for contacting the sponsor for sponsorship renewal. As an initial stage Vicky proposes to send a mail to board & treasure with the monthly report of who needs to be reminded for new sponsorship
  • Vicky to create an action item.

CRO meeting with SAC

  • We have two problems - not existing or non-updated profiles and not attractive profiles.
  • We want to allow HTML blocks in the profiles, changes on the website are needed.

MOT2: Allow changes needed by CRO on the website

  • Vicky: +1 (initial motion)
  • Angelos: +1 (seconded)
  • Till: +1
  • Victoria: +1
  • Astrid: +1
  • Tom: +1
  • motion passed

Donations trac issue #2056

  • We can have the conversation on the ticket, decide there, and once decided make the ticket "critical"

Code of Conduct trac issue #2531

  • Problem is that we have different version of CoC and that projects do not use our CoC.
  • We start with trying to get feedback from our comunity about the current status of the code of conduct

Call FOSS4G 2022

  • There was a discussion in the conference committee whether we sohuld ope n the call for both Europe (which is the turn) and NA. After a long email discussion I opened a vote and the result in CC is 5 +1 for both, EU and NA and 4 +1 for EU only and NA in 2023 The question is, whether we want to discuss this or do we accept the vote from CC.

MOT3: Accept the vote from CC about FOSS4G call for 2022 and make an open call to EU and NA

  • Till: +1 (initial motion)
  • Michael: +1 (seconded)
  • Angelos: +1
  • Helena: +1
  • Victoria: +1
  • Astrid: +1
  • Tom: +1
  • Vicky: +1
  • Motion passed.

Next meeting planning

  • We agreed on having an off boarding meeting and review of the year
  • Date 7th of December 2020, 16hrs UTC on Jitsy