Board Meeting 2021-01-25

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 25 January 2021 at 16:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
    • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  2. Review and approve past minutes
  3. 2021 Budget approval [1] [2]
  4. OSGeo/FOSS4G Sponsoring issues
  5. FOSS research Foundations
  6. OSGeo-HOT boards meeting update and follow up
  7. response to GDAL support email
  8. response to Bloomberg contact request - did QGIS follow up?
  9. GeoNetwork inquiry on Elasticsearch SSL license change, can this still be used for geonetwork 4?


  • Presiding: Till
  • Scribing: Till, Mike
  • Attending: Codrina, Michele, Helena, Astrid, Till, Mike, Angelos, Tom, Vicky (later), Jody (guest for the GDAL topic)

Review and approve past minutes



2021 Budget approval

  • in budget call next year make clear, that there is no money to take over (again!)
  • small change in GRASS GIS budget
  • cut budget for SAC for 1 contract (4400 US $) and ask them to come back during the year if this is needed.
  • dedicate 5000$ for travel grant programme and look if FOSS4G Argentina is onside, no support for regional events
  • board agrees with the budget
  • Action: Angelos to update the WIKI and open the motion on loomio (done)
  • Motion passed on Loomio:

OSGeo/FOSS4G Sponsoring issues

  • Astrid proposes to create a working group on sponsorship as it is hard to get that finalized during the board meetings
  • Astrid proposes to work on the already written tickets during the code sprint
  • Camptocamp requested whether development is valuable as sponsorship, discussion on how to deal with this.
    • Work is hard to value, because many people contribute in several ways to projects
    • important to keep the door open for companies sponsoring OSGeo with money
  • Action: Astrid to create a doodle for the first meeting for the sponsors group

FOSS research Foundations

  • Astrid forwarded an email from Martin Michlmayr who sent a questioniare and asked us for help in his work on a report on FOSS Foundations
  • Action: Codrina to have a closer look on this questionaire

Response to GDAL support email

  • discussion on this email, Angelos proposed to receive sponnsorship via the OSGeo github repo
  • probably a problem for a lot of groups in our community, proposal to setup a kind of structure to support these groups in case of such an emergency
  • topic is connected to the sponsorship issue (see above)

OSGeo-HOT boards meeting update and follow up

  • meeting on collaboration OSGeo with HOT
  • goal of HOT is to map 1 billion people
  • scope of co-operation is to support this project on a long term basis (financing is only for 5 years save)
  • preparation of MoU
  • frequent meeting every 3 months to keep in touch

Response to Bloomberg contact request - did QGIS follow up?

  • Helena asks whether there was a response
  • Action: Helena to follow up here

GeoNetwork inquiry on Elasticsearch SSL license change, can this still be used for geonetwork 4?

  • take up in an email (brought up by Jody)
  • some of our projects are based on Elastic Search, so probably need to get rid of it



  • the meeting was held on Jitsy