Board Meeting 2022-02-28

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 28 February 2022 at 16:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
  2. appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  3. Review and approve past minutes
  4. OSGeo Budget 2022
  5. Executive positions
  6. Care and feeding of page
  7. FOSS4G 2022 updates, (since there are many topics could we set a dedicated meeting?)
  8. Masterportal application
  9. GISCollective application
  10. OSGeo EU request for help for liquidation [1]
  11. Should OSGeo make a statement about war? [2]
  12. GeoIgnite 2022 request
  13. OpenForce 2022 request
  14. GWF 2022 request
  15. Add your topic here


  • Presiding: Angelos
  • Scribing: all
  • Attending: Michele, Codrina, Vicky, Michael, Angelos, Marco, Rajat
  • Guests: Nico (Masterportal), Szabo and Alexandra (GISCollective)

Review and approve past minutes

OSGeo Budget 2022

  • ACTION: Mike to update the actual cost before we approve the budget (pending)
  • Pending request for 1st 2022 SAC contract
  • Board will accept requests for approval until the final budget has been approved.

Executive positions

Care and feeding of page

  • Vicky is working on this.

FOSS4G 2022 updates

  • ACTION: Follow up with Luca on e-mail and see if we need a dedicated meeting (Done, planned for next board meeting).
  • Board is following the discussion on the conference mailing list about 2023 RfP. The discussion is very interesting and the board is willing to help when needed.

Masterportal application

  • Referred to Incubation Committee

GISCollective application

  • Referred to Incubation Committee

OSGeo EU request for help for liquidation

Should OSGeo make a statement about war?

  • Long term approach, we should consider timing about making a statement
  • OSGeo is not a political organization (part of our NGA status in US)
  • Update from QGIS discussion and how it was handled after the news item was released.
  • Discussion about how we can update our mission statement in the future
  • Free and Open Source Software licenses by nature do not impose any restriction on how the software is used (and we know maps and related software is used during wars). The intent of the community is the software to be used for good purposes.

GeoIgnite 2022 request

  • There was not enough time for the board to react, it was on 2 weeks notice.
  • Such requests should be forwarded to discuss mailing list so the community knows about events.
  • Board should be involved for specific requests (like sponsorship of an event etc.)

OpenForce 2022 request

  • We should point to discuss mailing list so our community knows about this.
  • The board cannot commit time of projects and volunteers directly.

GWF 2022 request

  • We will follow up on board mailing list, not enough time to discuss today.
  • Moved to next board meeting agenda



  • no log, a jitsi meeting

Next meeting