Board Member Nominations 2020

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# Nominee Name Country Statement Nominated by
1 Angelos Tzotsos Athens, Greece I would like to nominate Angelos Tzotsos for the OSGeo Board again. He is already in the board since 2016. It is a great pleasure to work with

him in the board and also in the OSGeoLive project. Since 2020 Angelos is our OSGeo president and he is very good in his position.

Angelos is well known in the OSGeo community. He is the chair of the OSGeoLive project and a project steering committee member for the pycsw and ZOO-Project. He is a core developer for the GeoNode project and a packager for several projects. He is also an individual OGC member.

Have a look at his OSGeo Advocate page to see several other projects he is involved in.

Angelos is a remote sensing expert with background in surveying engineering and software development. He has a good expertise and knowledge about OSGeo software and technology.

Angelos is very structured, reliable and he gets things done. It is a pleasure to discuss with him and he makes well-considered decisions.

He encourages other people to work with OSGeo and he is very motivating.

It would be great to have him in the board again.

Astrid Emde
2 Michael Smith Hanover, USA I would like to nominate Michael Smith for the OSGeo Board election.

Mike works for the US Army Corps of Engineers Remote Sensing GIS Center of Expertise and has been a long time power user, supporter and contributor of MapServer, GDAL/OGR, PDAL and other OSGeo projects. He is a member of the MapServer and PDAL project PSC's and was actually one of the instigators behind the PDAL project, the GDAL of Point Clouds.

Mike has been active on the OSGeo Board since 2014 as treasurer. The great job that he does behind the scene as treasurer doesn't get noticed publicly by the members, but it includes several tasks and responsibilities which are instrumental to keeping OSGeo running smoothly.

In addition to his experience within OSGeo projects and its community, he also brings to the board the perspective of government organizations, which is a very important group of users and contributors of OSGeo software. Plus, the voice of reason that he brings to the day to day operation of the board is also of great value.

All this makes him a perfect candidate to continue serving on the board.

Daniel Morissette
3 Tom Kralidis Toronto, Canada Tom has been an OSGeo charter member since 2007 and has served on the Board since 2018. He has contributed to numerous OSGeo software packages, such as MapServer, GeoNode, QGIS, PyWPS and OWSLib, and he is the creator of pycsw and pygeoapi. He is also on several Project Steering Committees (PSCs).

Tom is a longtime member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), where he has been involved in the development of several specifications. More recently you may have heard him talk about the new OGC API, or even used his latest contribution to our ecosystem: the pygeoapi project, a Python implementation of the OGC API suite of standards which is also an OGC Reference Implementation. Tom is also active in the UN World Meteorological Organization and chairs the WMO Expert Team on Metadata in support of next generation weather/climate/water data sharing efforts.

Tom currently works at the Meteorological Service of Canada where he and his team leverage the power of OSGeo software and OGC standards for mission critical applications.

Given his diverse background and dedication to open source software and open standards, he is a perfect candidate for the OSGeo board.

Daniel Morissette
4 Michele Tobias Davis, USA I would like to nominate Michele Tobias for election as a director of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). I knew Michele by reputation as a cartographer, kite aerial photographer, trainer and open source advocate before meeting her in person at FOSS4G 2018 in Dar Es Salaam.

She has been an OSGeo charter member since 2017.

Michele works at the University of California Davis (UC Davis) DataLab providing spatial data science collaboration, support, and training to campus researchers across many academic disciplines. She has a long history of helping people to use OSGeo tools in her professional life, with a clear mission to give people the tools they need to thrive along their journey into geo openness. Her experience with people new to geospatial tools and the open source community brings a valuable 'how do we look to people just starting out' perspective to the organisation.

Adam Steer
5 Zoltán Siki Budapest, Hungary It is my pleasure to nominate Mr. Zoltán Siki from Hungary for the Board.

Since I started my collaboration on OSGeoLive, I've been watching Zoltán's dedication to transmit the Geo-Knowledge into his Hungarian community. Moreover, I personally got the opportunity to meet him in person during the OSGeo Bucharest's Charter member's breath of a feather.

He has been a charter member of OSGeo since 2014, Member of the Department of Geodesy and Surveying. His knowledge on GIS data conversions, surveying calculations, adjustment/regression computation, programming robotic total stations, relational databases, GIS databases make him a full time user of Geo-spacial software and he has volunteered like forever on translations to Hungarian. As an academic person, he has been transmitting the value of Free Open Source to students and colleagues.

I think he can be a valuable person on the Broad and help move forward OSGeo.

Vicky Vergara