Board Voting Procedure

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This document explains the voting procedure for motions put forward to the OSGeo Board of Directors.

Voting Process

  • Board voting occurs during monthly meetings, as well as a followup vote through email
  • each Board member may vote “+1” to indicate support for the motion.
  • each Board member may vote “-1” to veto a motion, but must provide clear reasoning and alternate approaches to resolving the problem within the two business days.
  • A vote of "-0" indicates mild disagreement, but has no effect. A "0" indicates no opinion. A "+0" indicate mild support, but has no effect.
  • A motion will be passed once all of the Board members place a vote, and no vetoes are received (-1).
  • If a motion is vetoed, and it cannot be revised to satisfy all parties, then it can be resubmitted for an override vote, in which a majority of all Board members indicating +1 is required to pass it.