Board of Directors File Sharing Requirements

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The OSGeo Board of Directors need a way to privately share documents, between members of the Board. Often these are sensitive documents such as contracts, containing personal information that should not be shared publicly.

Current Status

The OSGeo Board has been using DropBox for the past several years. Board members must currently use their own DropBox account in order to access the files, which is a challenge for most as the default DropBox account contains only 2GB of space (shared over other projects that are non-Board related).

Required Features

  • way to store and access files privately
  • dedicated accounts for each Board member, with space of around 10GB each
  • automatic sync of files
  • cross-platform support (mac, windows, linux)
  • mobile and desktop clients

Nice-to-have Features, but not necessary

  • file versioning

Possible Options


  • free individual account only has 2GB of space
  • or expand to 1TB for ~10USD/month/user (pricing)



  • open source, but some features are kept enterprise-only
  • enterprise option: 50 users for 300USD/month (pricing)

Google Drive

  • 15GB free
  • 1 TB: ~10USD/month/user (pricing) - Quota is based on who uploads


  • simple
  • no file versioning


  • Small Business includes team based management.
  • Zero Knowledge Encryption
  • ~$12-25/month/user (200 GB each?)


  • Con No Linux sync client, Sync is per folder/account (every computer with your account gets the folder).
  • Quota only applies to main account if all is uploaded to a folder shared by it.