Boston Sprint 2013 Agenda

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Meeting times and locations can be found: Boston Code Sprint 2013


MapServer sprint plan


The List

  1. PostGIS Raster driver (see below)

PostGIS / pgRouting

General Stuff

  1. Tutorials for the website
  2. When are we going to release 2.1. Steps remaining before we can
  3. SpGist -- when is that going to happen will make cut for 2.1 or push to 2.2
  4. How best to integrate Oslandia 3D work, concerns etc.
    1. Exact Geometry support
    2. Reference Geometry support
    3. (SF)CGAL
  5. Google SoC 2013
  6. Regression suites (performance, valgrind?)

Geocoding specific stuff

  1. Integrating Steve Woodbridge - address normalizer into PostGIS
  2. Packaging as part of windows builds at very least


  1. Packaging pgRouting for windows to be availabe in stack builder along side PostGIS
  2. Discussion of how pgRouting / PostGIS can better work together and melding the two projects
  3. Side note both Oslandia 3D work and pgRouting both use CGAL, possible opportunity/concern there ?
    1. pgRouting is looking into the possibility of drop CGAL and GAUL dependency to simplify builds
  4. pgRouting 2.0 release (working on building that plan now)

PostGIS Raster

Assigned task

  1. Ticket review (Pierre, Bborie & Regina)
  2. Raster WKB version 1 format to address shortcomings of version 0 related to out-db rasters (Bborie)
  3. Performance of expression-based mapalgebra (Bborie)
  4. ST_CreateOverviews(David)
  5. Discuss ST_SetZFromRaster(geometry, raster, band) (what about a vertex iterator similar to ST_MapAlgebraFct) - Need a ST_UnDump() so we can call a custom Pplpgsql function. (Stephen M.)
  6. Discuss "PostGIS Add-ons". will be an agile (quick and frequent release) plpgsql only .sql file for fast release of users contributions. Version number will be based on minimal dependent PostGIS number. e.g. 2.1.99. (Pierre)
  7. QGIS - good support for large coverage (overviews, irregularly tiled coverage), import export. What need to be enhanced? (Rob, Pierre, Stephen M.)
  8. Define another (faster?) way to rasterize a vector coverage with ST_MakeEmptyTiledCovererage(), ST_BurnToRaster(geometry, raster) & ST_UnionToRaster() (David)

Not yet assigned

  1. Test performance of ST_Union() when number of pixel increase
  2. Discuss a more flexible way to rasterize a vector coverage using ST_MapAlgebraFct()
  3. Raster using pthreads in the future?
  4. Rewrite parts of raster2pgsql
  5. pgsql2raster prototype?
  6. Discuss interpolation - from some point, from millions of points
  7. Test regular blocking constraint
  8. Discuss viewshed
  9. ST_SplitToGrid(geometry, x, y)
  10. Discuss integration of raster2pgsql into the GUI

GDAL raster driver (Jorge & David)

  1. GDAL raster driver - good support for overviews, irregularly tiled coverage. There are some nice todo improvements, in no particular order:
    1.  Add write support. Related ticket #4617
    2.  Improve reading speed. Related ticket #5016
    3.  Fix bug with metadata precission. Related ticket #4214
    4.  Check out-db raster support. Related ticket #3234
    5. Low range pixel type should be transformed to a higher one. Related ticket #4562
    6. Check tickets #4531, #4560 and #4561
    7. Rewrite tests (gdal_autotest). Related ticket #5010
    8. More tests with Mapserver. Related ticket #5010
    9.  Tests with QGIS plugin. Related ticket #5010
    10. Deal with really BIG raster data in IRasterIO (recursion? split in several calls?). Related ticket #5012
    11.  Take default user, host, password. Related ticket #4533
    12.  Review SQL strings (avoid SQL injection). Related ticket #5013
    13. Take care of locale (I needed to export LC_ALL=C to make it work with QGIS). Related ticket #5014
    14.  Allow user to specify resolution strategy when dealing with different pixel size sources (maybe an option in connection string). Related ticket #5011
    15.  Allow user to specify the desired srid when dealing with different srids. Related ticket #5011


ZOO sprint plan