Brazilian Chapter Report 2009

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Brazilian Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • Geolivre 2009 - The most important FOSS GIS conference in Brazil. The 2009 edition, we have more than 150 attendees in "real presence" and more than 1.500 attendees on Internet.
  • Unofficial OSGeo meeting at Latinoware 2009.
  • Unofficial OSGeo meeting at FISL (International Free Software Forum) 2009. The FISL is the most important FOSS event in Latin America, with more than 7.000 users.
  • Voting Members Definition.
  • Definition of a coordination group.
  • New objetctives and mission for the chapter.
  • Creation of workgroups.

Areas for Improvement

  • Chapter organization.
  • More activity.

Local Projects - FOSS GIS

  • I3Geo
  • Prefeitura Livre - Open Source solution to manage municipal services/utilities integrated FOSS GIS components.

Contributions to OSGeo Projects

Opportunities to Help

  • More meetings and events in Brazil.

Outlook for 2010

  • Crate a visual identity for the chapter.
  • Solidify the Brazilian Chapter.
  • Promote work experience exchance from members.