British Columbia Chapter Meeting 2010-07-27

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This page provides information on a regular scheduled meeting of the OSGeo BC Local Chapter

Meeting Info

Open to all interested geonerds at no cost.

Location:  Sierra Systems Vancouver
           1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 2500
           Room Blackcomb
Chair: Martin Kyle
Date:  Tuesday 27 July 2010
Time:  1800 hrs - 2000 hrs PT
Topic: OSGeo BC Chapter Meeting 
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 
Time: 6:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00, San Francisco ) 
If you want to dial in, please let us know in advance.
For further information you can contact Martin Kyle or Jason Birch.


Pizza Preferences

Hawaiian, plain cheese, meat lovers, vegetarian, add more...

Welcome and Introduction

Confirmed: Martin K.


  • Open Source Geospatial Foundation Update - Speaker TBD
  • OpenStreetMap Update - Speaker (Sam Vekemans - Across Canada Trails OSM Contributor)
    • Natural Resources Canada - GeoGratis - CanVec dataset integration to OSM update
    • Multiple External Data sets for OSM integration
    • License Change Announcement (OdbL)
    • OSM Canada Community 'Structure'
  • iVAULT - Web Mapping Portal Infrastructure Development based on Open Source MapGuide - Eric Schwartz & Dmitry Mishchenko, Pacific Alliance Technologies (
    • Eric is a Principal Technical Consultant with PAT dealing with Strategic Accounts and Dmitry is the lead developer at PAT
    • iVAULT Web Mapping Portal Infrastructure:
      • System Architecture & Development Insights
      • Challenges of Open Source
      • Contributions to the Open Source Community
      • Currently in Development ...
  • Open Source Business Requirements - Christy Lightowlers, Population Data BC (
    • Population Data BC, a multi-university platform, is BC’s first pan-provincial population health data service. It is a nationally active and recognised data and education resource that facilitates interdisciplinary research and teaching on the determinants of human health, well-being and development
    • Christy is the lead of PopData's Spatial Data Unit, whose mission is to increase the capacity of Population Researchers in British Columbia (BC) by facilitating access to spatial data and services tailored to the needs of the research community.
    • PopData BC is currently researching FOSS and proprietary software and Christy will be discussing the requirements for a spatial infrastructure in the population health business domain

Chapter Business

Call for changes

Post Meeting Activity


Please let the chair know if you can attend (i.e. for the pizza count)...or add your name to the list.

Here are some pictures from the meeting.


Anonymous Person #1 (who likes Pizza)

Jason Birch (City of Nanaimo, Nanaimo -

Martin Kyle (Sierra Systems, Vancouver)

Michael Weisman (Safe Software, Vancouver)

John Bryant (Mammoth Mapping, Dawson City)

Steven Citron-Pousty (deCarta Inc., San Jose, CA, USA -

Ducky Sherwood (coming independent of my employer, I did

Alison Fischer (Abask Geospatial Solutions, Vancouver)

Meng Li (City of Vancouver)

Adam Dunn (OpenStreetMap contributor)

Alan McConchie (Geography PhD student, UBC)

Peter MacKenzie (GIS Officer, Previously with, now job seeking in BC)

Michael Barabanov (OpenStreetMap contributor)

Patrick Kaiser (Abask Geospatial Solutions)

Selina Agbayani (Abask Geospatial Solutions)

Arnulf Christl (OSGeo, Metaspatial)


OSGeo Organization

Next Meeting Ideas

Suggestion to have a regular monthly meet up somewhere.