British Columbia Chapter Report 2007

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British Columbia Local Chapter

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Martin Kyle

Key Accomplishments

  • Held initial meeting of unofficial OSGeo chapter to gauge interest
  • Twenty-two people in attendance linked across two geographies (Vancouver and Victoria)
  • Democratically established direction for local chapter charter
  • Setup Local Organizing Committees to individually plan alternating meetings for each location.
  • Submitted charter and recieved official approval of local chapter

Areas for Improvement

  • So new...nothing, everything.
  • Probably need to relax Robert's Rules of Order a bit

Opportunities to Help

  • Talked about organization of Prince George (and other) group to link into the BC meeting.
    • Any interested people in that area with a Video Conference link could join in with Vancouver and Victoria.
  • Presentation ideas welcome
    • Currently focused around two streams: application and technical

Outlook for 2008

  • Meetings held quarterly
  • Presentations and project ideas to gel the community have begun.
  • First real presentation-based meeting to be held February 29, 2008.
  • Project possibilities include live demo and outreach program.