CGS 2008

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Event Owner
Alex Mandel(wildintellect) and Landon Blake
2-4 May 2008
Chico, CA
Annual California Geographical Society Conference

We will be tabling for OSGeo at the California Geographical Society annual conference to spread the knowledge of FOSS tools in the local academic culture. This conference has high attendance from the Cal State University and Community College systems.


List of Items we need and proposed budget request from the Marketing team.

Item Cost Notes
Banner $52.75 Sent by racicot via UPS
Table Skirt $? Sent by percy via FedEx
Handouts $92.29(24.88 BW, 67.41 Color) Printed at Kinkos (by wildintellect)
Booth $75 Includes tables, do we have an internet connection? Need to book by April 15th.
Live CD or Software What should we hand out?
T-shirts/hats $0 For tablers, sent by Tyler
Demo Machines Borrowed For next time, the Gentoo liveCD or the GeoNetwork FOSS DVD.
Comp Fees for Volunteers? $80 Registration Fees for the 4 volunteers (4x$20) who each spent 4-6 hours tabling.
Banner/Skirt to next event 44.24 Sent to Percy via UPS by wildintellect.
Total $300/~344.28 Estimate/~Final(?)

Note: Landon Blake can provide a table and a computer for the booth.

Brochures / Handouts

Alex plans to print handouts and Kinkos on thursday before the meeting, what should he print?

File Name Quantity # of Color/BW
Generic Business Card(Just Osgeo, a slogan and the website), Exists? 150(15 sheets of 10) 15
QGIS,OpenLayers,Grass,Edu,GeoData 35 15/20
Ossim,MapServer,GeoNetwork,GDAL/OGR 25 5/20
MapGuide,MapBuilder,MapBender,GeoTools,FDO,GSoC 15 0/15

Talks and posters related to FOSS

When/Where Who What Software
Poster Session: Saturday, 9:00-2:00, Butte 503 Tara Athan, University of Leeds (student) “An Online Global Health Volunteering Opportunities Map”: OpenLayers
3C. Grad Papers, Sat 10:20-11:40, Butte 103 Michele Tobias, University of Calfironia, Davis “Armed Beaches: Coastal Plant Communities May Respond to Trampling with Armor” Python, SQLite, GDAL/OGR, R


Volunteers - Alex Mandel, Michael Treichler, Stacey Ellis and Michele Tobias (We're all graduate students in Geography at UC Davis)

Kinkos goofed and we ended up with all color flyers, which looked way better and luckily didn't cost anything over what we paid for, black & white. I'm not sure they figured it out since we ordered online.

The audience was generally very receptive and friendly. There were only about 7 vendor exhibits, we looked sleek and professional and had a steady 2-4 people at the table for most of the time. We had a nice range of Professors, graduate, undergraduate, and grade school educators. Some community college but mostly CSU (Cal State University) and a few others.

While we had 3-4 laptops up and running apps and browsing the web aside from demonstrating features to some people most of this crowd just wanted to talk about what FOSS is, who was paying us, and what applied to their work. Some people were so excited we loaded copies of the flyers onto their flash sticks on the spot. It really helped to put out some signs saying "Free Geography/GIS Software" as our professional look had people perplexed at this particular event.

We gave out about 140 business cards with the major project names(Almost all of the 150 we made), the OsGeo slogan and website. About 40-50 QGIS flyers, 20-30 of Grass, OpenLayers, Education, GeoData, OSSIM and a few of everything else. Cgs-osgeobooth-2008.jpg