California Chapter Report 2012

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About the Chapter

The California Chapter maintains an OSGeo presence at geospatial events in California and around the West Coast of the United States. It also organizes at least one annual meeting.


October 13, 2012: The 2012 Annual Meeting of the California OSGeo Chapter was held in San Jose, California. The event featured talks by four chapter members. Frank Wammerdam presented a talk on OSGeo activities around the globe. Alex Mandel discussed “”. Ragi Burhum presented a talk on Node.JS and “real time geo”. Landon Blake gave a talk on managing network topology for sanitary sewer networks in OpenJUMP. At the end of the meeting Brian Hamlin coordinated a session to plan future chapter activities.

Members Activities

Landon Blake presented the talk entitled “GIS Basics for Land Surveyors With OpenJUMP” at the California State University at Fresno Geomatics Conference. He also presented the talk “The Demise of NGS Control – What It Means for Your GIS” at the University of California Berkeley GIS Day.

Landon also organized a spring and fall meeting of the California Central Valley Geospatial Professionals Group. At the Spring Meeting guest Speaker Bruce Joffe discussed the California Public Records Act and how it related to public GIS data. Landon Blake discussed copyright and licensing issues related to GIS data. At the Fall Meeting Landon Blake discussed the use of OpenJUMP to build geographic information systems for sanitary sewer networks.

During 2012 Landon helped publish two volumes of the OSGeo Journal and also began work on the OSGeo Incubation Labs.

Outlook for 2013

The chapter held a code sprint in January 2013. It looks forward to hosting another annual meeting of the chapter in the Fall of 2013.