Cascadia Chapter Report 2008

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Cascadia Chapter Report 2008

  • Contact: Aaron Racicot


  • Chapter Formation: We officially became an OSGeo Chapter at the

12/12/2008 OSGeo board meeting

  • Integrated existing Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source

( into Cascadia OSGeo Chapter

  • Held series of code sprints around the "Road Flaw" project -


  • Get a real website up and move away from Google Groups
  • Try to start moving physical location of monthly meeting to "guest

locations" to attract people from other locations

  • Integrate the CUGOS and OSGeo presence into more regional conferences


  • Website development
  • Engagement of more local and regional governments into the group


We have already planned a great presence at this year's Washington URISA conference ( ) by hosting a workshop, booth and panel of talks within the program all focusing on Open Source

  • We intend to host a small regional mini-conference and hack fest in 2009
  • We have our eyes on fundraising to help support regional OSGeo efforts
  • We plan to partner with our regional friends in Portland via the PDX OSGIS

group (


Although we were only officially approved as an OSGeo chapter 20 days before the end of 2008, we have been growing in member numbers as well as "on the ground" activities. As of March 2009 we have 119 members on our mailing list and maintain an attendance of 15-25 members at our monthly meetings. We have members from all aspects of the community and industry participating and look forward to continued growth in 2009. Special thanks to LizardTech for their continued support to OSGeo by providing the Cascadia chapter a monthly meeting space. Please spread the word... Cascadia OSGeo would love to see you at the next monthly meeting on the third Wednesday of every month in downtown Seattle! Sign up to the mailing list at