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OSGeo Mashup

Thoughts on how to set up a membership activity and user location OSGeo mashup.

  • a script subscribes to the OSGeo Wiki "Recent Changes" RSS
  • extract editor's Wiki user name and client IP from RSS feed
  • look up that IP's latitude and longitude
  • MediaWiki user name page includes a template with formatted home location in latitude and longitude (KML, GeoRSS, GML, any)
  • bot writes back location and User Name to PostgreSQL PostGIS database
  • MapServer connects to that PostGIS FeatureTable and display map with point and text as OGC WMS
  • GeoServer connects to that same PostGIS FeatureTable and returns GML via OGC WFS-T interface
  • Mapbender deploys OpenLayers to overlay OSM map with OSGeo Member map
  • and so on

Cleaning up All Members page

Folks on the All Members page who had a working email in there user settings received this mail kindly asking them to move their content.


OSGeo Membership reminder


we are cleaning up the OSGeo All Members page at as it has grown too large. 
Please consider moving the data you have added there to your user page. 
If you add the [[Category:OSGeo Member]] to your user page then you will
be listed as an OSGeo member. 
Read the details here:

Proposal for a map of OSGeo software users

Taking the Category:OSGeo Member map as a basis, I suggest to:

  • build up a map with all current users (from OSGeo LDAP, plus possibly other sources, if projects keep their own)
  • make an option "Show only {GRASS|QGIS|Mapserver|etc.} users"
  • put it on the main page