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((Disambiguation -> Develop technical means and use of a Geospatial Access Control Certificate for SSO purposes)
(NOTE: The following is all for discussion purposes. We put here some users' suggestions for creation of this Committee)


This committee will work to define a technical and objective program to certification of professionals (maybe companies too) in OSGeo projects.


  • Define all stages to professional obtain the certification (standardized mechanism for testing and certificate of candidates)
  • Study the costs envolved in all stages
  • Define rules in participation of companies (It's expected full cooperation between OSGeo and FOSS companies)
  • Choose the first software to certification program
  • Define a woking plan to start the certification program
  • Define how many groups must integrate this committee and the security level of each one

Initial Concerns about OSGeo Certification

  • To ensure the certification implies some real depth of knowledge.
  • To ensure the certification process has, and is seen to have integrity.
  • To ensure certification is done in cooperation with the relevant project committee.

Committee Members

We have a hard (and long) work to put OSGeo Certificaton "on the road". So we need help and you can add yourself or invite another users to participate. Some suggestions to profile of participants: professionals with training or certification expertise, professionals with some kind of "organization support" (the hours that you will provide to this program will be an investiment of some commercial company, for example, that has interest in the OSGeo certification - because we need a group able to work for months). If you don't have time to work in this committee, please don't put your name! If you have good ideas, please put them in discuss list or in an appropriate topic in this page.

Organization Member

  • Helton UCHOA - OpenGEO Company and Geolivre.org.br Community - Brazil

Individual or Community Member

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