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Datums in China

Please see e.g., . On this page we aim to just supplement the more widely known information.

Coordinate systems used in China

Web map examples

Some common coordinate systems observed, 觀測中國電子地圖諸網站常見座標系統,

Here we give examples of how a single longitude latitude pair is located differently depending on which web mapping site one uses!

This is necessitated by the state mandated distortion... 其政府所規定之偏移…


We observe we can obtain the exact same three points,

via 搜狗 Sogou API's type=1, 2, 3. We also notice type=1 is a plain Mercator projection, Clarke 1866 ellipsoid, a=6378206.4 rf=294.978698213898 .

$ proj +proj=merc +ellps=clrk66

(Note not all sites are actually reachable from inside China.)

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