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Brian M Hamlin OSGeo-Live Meeting Notes 19jun17

Jupyter Packaging


 epifanio and I have improved PR 167 to include ipyleaflet widget
 This is a very nice addition for demos, and has practical applications for science-programming..
 With this change, I feel we are close to something we can agree on, and move forward with docs
 and the organization on disk

Python IRIS


 On June 10th I got a volunteer from the UK Met, but he was set back by the collection of parts
 needed to get started.. I have msgs again in the last 24 hours.
 On Live build63-amd64-3f17ae3  I have started an Iris 1.13 build and posted fedback on 
 SciTools-Iris Gitter

OrfeoToolbox 6


 Steve Woodbridge has a reproducible test case of OTB 6 being 300 percent slower on a certain set.
 I am collaborating with Steve on this and we hope to have side-by-side test cases with Docker soon.

USB Sticks


 more reading on Partition Maps under Windows
 Generally, I am not optimistic about the USB boot stick project.. I think there must be something
 printed and handed out, but what that is, and how it is marketed, not sure.

NaturalEarth promotion


 I originally brought Nathaniel V Kelso to the Live, who is the "father" of Natural Earth.. 
 no contact with him since he left Apple, other than one quick exchange.. no status but he is the one to talk to..

OSGeo Branding


 ready to work with bakaniko to get production artwork in place, when the marketing committee or whoever decides what to do



 rOpenSci  has not responded.. I think there are three layers to this.. no idea what is in their minds.. 
 ONE - just name some packages and versions
 TWO - actually promote some particular geo packages in their group, which they said they want to do.. 
 THREE - list their organization as a reference officially.. 
 Since they havent said one word in response yet, I have no idea if they are assuming any or all of that
 per Bakaniko, we are definitely in need of some small updates...note that our volunteer Barry is listed
 as an rOpsnSci contributor now.. Barry Rowlingson https://ropensci.org/community/
 Mainly we want some set of R that is not obviously out of date, and better if possible



 I am making a GMT quickstart