Deegree Report 2011

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Key Accomplishments

  • Software development was focussed on featureService, mapService, catalogueService and underlying core modules. Data access modules for PostGIS, Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server have been created or improved, with support for complex application schemas and different access modes (blob, relational). Basic support for WFS 2.0 has been realized.
  • Releases: 3.0.3 in March and 3.1 in October, iGeoDesktop 0.4.2 in July.
  • Outreach: deegree was presented at Runder Tisch GIS (March in Munich, Germany), FOSSGIS (April in Heidelberg, Germany), INSPIRE Conference (June in Edinburgh, Scotland), AGIT (July in Salzburg, Austria), INTERGEO: OSGeo Park (September in Nürnberg, Germany)

Also worth mentioning:

  • During the OSGeo Bolsena code sprint deegree's INSPIRE capabilities have been improved, along with administration and performance enhancements.
  • An intensive code quality review has been carried out during summer.
  • Andreas and Markus opened up their developer blogs in July.
  • Committee membership changes: Reijer Copier, Johannes Wilden and Andreas Schmitz have been nominated as new TMC members in October. Andreas Poth resigned from the PSC in November.
  • A roadmap for deegree 3 releases has been set up and discussed among TMC and PSC.
  • deegree's 3.2 release has been planned for publication in 2012 as the "INSPIRE release".

Areas for Improvement

  • Improve outreach material of all kind
  • Further open the project, increase transparency
  • Increase the number of contributors where all kinds of contributions are welcome

Opportunities to Help

  • Test release candidates at an early stage
  • Provide or improve documentation (e.g. QA by native speakers)
  • Contribute to tutorial production process
  • Actively contribute to deegree 3 development
  • Share experiences with deegree

Outlook for 2012

  • deegree summit as combined TMC and PSC meeting
  • Create/advance security modules
  • Improve web site and other outreach material
  • Infrastructure review and renewal
  • deegree 3.2 "INSPIRE" release
  • deegree day