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EGU Data Help Desk 2022


This page collects all relevant OSGeo-related aspects, tasks, ressources and stakeholders for the Data Help Desk.

External Ressources

Stakeholders / Volunteers / Participants


  • This is a virtual event, hostet by EGU / ESIP. No budget needed.
  • "Real world"-events in following years might require a budget.


A slide about OSGeo has been submitted Several OSGeo related videos were submitted:


EGU 2022 was the first-ever fully hybrid EGU meeting, was a great success with 12,332 presentations in 791 sessions. 7,315 colleagues from 89 countries participated on site in Vienna, accompanied by 7,002 virtual attendees from 116 countries.

The Data Help Desk was accordingly rescaled by the organizers (EPSI).

In several online meetings conducted by ESIP prior to EGU , it was agreed to keep a small footprint, limiting the physical presence on site to an information screen on the EGU premises, which would iterated through a slide set, intended to trigger requests by tweets or E-mail from attending persons about research data and code.


  • Peter (PL) volunteered during the pre conference meetings to act as liaison to OSGeo. It was decided that this year no announcements on the OSGeo mailing lists would be needed.
  • PL attended the conference in Vienna. No EPSI staff was present on site for the conference.
  • On the first conference morning, PL visited the Data Help Desk display in the main hall. The hardware had been set up, but no presentration had been uploaded. The EGU help desk was unaware of the situation.
  • This caused several consultations with ESIP. In the end, a new presentation was created overnight, based on an earlier slide set for AGU. The new slide set contained an OSGeo slide and mentioned OSGeo as a Data Help Desk supporter (see pics below).
  • PL forwarded the new EGU slide set to the conference IT staff. The Data Help Desk display became operational early on Day 2 of the conference and operated through the whole conference week.
  • A video recording of the Data Help Desk display was sent to ESIP as a proof that things were now working as planned, which was confirmed and appreciated.

Lessons learned