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Educational Material Licensing and Logo Discussion

This page is devoted to current Educom efforts to figure out the policy for both content licensing and the use of the OSGeo logo in educational material. Consider merging this with Licenses for Education Material?

Most recent discussion threads

  1. Dan Ames suggested text for educational material, accompanied by an OSGeo logo: "The authors of this tutorial believe that its content is consistent with goal of the OSGeo foundation to create a global, open access repository of educational material related to open source geospatial theory and technologies. Any mistakes, misrepresentations, or inaccuracies are the authors' alone."
  2. Arnulf: Add this disclaimer to the Wiki where it can be further refined and serve as a guideline for educational material associated with OSGeo.
  3. Ned Horning: Not comfortable with handing over total control with the author.
    1. Some control needs to be maintained over the use of the logo be maintained by OSGeo rather than making it a free-for-all. If authors, at a minimum, demonstrate that they are indeed following spirit of the text in the header (contributing to the OSGeo repository, open access content, open source geospatial focus...) then they could be authorized to use the logo. A simple approval process and resolution process for cases not approved could be established to ensure a minimum set of standards are met.
  4. Puneet:
    1. Should Educom be figuring this out or should this be the board?
    2. Authors should be free to chose whatever license and mechanism they want, but if they want the OSGeo imprimatur, they would be required to use the OSGeo guidelines (if OSGeo branding were to require license A, the authors would be required to use license A. If they decide to use license B, OSGeo could still host and advertise the content, but it wouldn't be branded OSGeo).
  5. Tyler: Board had lots of discussion, but were asking the conference committee to come up with some policy. The direction EduCom takes may really help set the tone for how "bigger" issues of policy like this are handled.
  6. Charlie:
    1. My reading of these threads is that there is some resistance to having authors simply placing OSGeo on their documentation without meeting some set of minimum standards or OSGeo guidelines. We need:
      1. An "as-is" disclaimer given that these will not be vetted through a peer-review process, and something stating the spirit of our effort (Dan's text is a good start).
      2. Specific guidelines: modules go in open access repository; follows one of a set of recommended licenses; open source geospatial technologies; what else?
      3. If we can get our arms around this, this will help the board.