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OSGeo Edu December 9, 2011 virtual meeting agenda and notes

15:10 – 15:25 Refreshing our collective memories discussion:

A federated educational content system:

1) Keep our to post metadata to educational material.

2) Use for educational “source” material. This will be mirrored at GeoTech.

3) Geotech center – Connection to their Webinar system and possibly even their Moodle system for full courses.

Eventual goal portals with online training content for OSGeo related education.

Next steps: Charlie to post a wiki page to see what webinars might be offered. Helena was one person who said she had content.

Charlie suggested we all look at the on the Geotech center and over the longer term consider how we connect our educational material to this.

15:25 - 15:45. Academic Track planning for FOSS4G 2012

Barend Kobben summarized his email sent out to the group.

Question on establishing a scientific review committee that would serve for several years. Poll showed that some on the list liked this idea.

Discussion that the review committee needed to be larger so that each person would only need to review 3 papers.

Brief discussion about an output journal.

Discussion about a local contact for the Beijing conference.

15:45-15:55. Funding for Face-to-Face “edu sprints”?

Discussion about possibly a Europe and US Face to Face edu “content sprint” meeting around educational content to complement the Live DVD. (Ari – do I have that right? Charlie)

The COST-EU idea. Not a ton of energy from the group on this but there was some interest still in the idea of meeting face-to-face rather than just once a year BOF. The question is what we would do and how this would be funded.

People interested in continuing this discussion:

Charlie Micha Ari Scott

15:55-16:00. Group governance and next meeting time

Some in the group were receptive to the idea of “regional co-chairs” At least one suggested that adding bureaucracy might not be good.

Next meeting time question:

Some participants favored the idea of establishing two different times that rotate monthly so that everyone globally could at least participate in one meeting every two months.

Second Friday of every month sounded good to people.

Next steps:

Charlie to try and organize January second Friday meeting time that would get Asia and Australia participants, and then February second Friday time that would be at 15:00 UTC.

Email list to dos

- Establish next meeting times for January and February - Brainstorm webinar ideas over wiki - How do we connect our educational material to the - New push to get our educational content/source into U of Nottingham’s system or at least metadata on our educational system (

Next meeting topics

1. Progress on educational material repository “federation” progress: Suchith, Phil, Charlie

2. Progress/issues on FOSS4G Academic track preparations

3. Webinars – let’s move this forward!