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Let's use this page to try and identify potential edu webinar (Web-based Seminar) topics, along with potential presenters.

An obvious start would be "Introductions to..." OSGeo web and desktop projects. If you are skilled to present a webinar on any of the below topics, please edit the page below and sign your name next to the topic or send an email to cschweik 'AT'

Web Mapping

1) deegree
2) geomajas
3) GeoServer
4) Mapbender
5) MapBuilder
6) MapFish
7) MapGuide Open Source
8) MapServer
9) OpenLayers

Desktop Applications
11) Quantum GIS
12) gvSIG
13) uDIG

OpenSource GIS Casestudies and Research overviews
14) University of Nottingham - Suchith Anand
15) Local Authorities

If anyone has other ideas that they'd potentially like to present, please list them below.