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he 17th board meeting has been scheduled for the 29th of September at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the new Conference Call facilities.




On September 29th, 2006, at 15:00 UTC, pursuant to notice duly given, the Board of Directors (the "Board") of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (the "Foundation" or "OSGeo") held a meeting by teleconference. The meeting lasted sixty minutes.

Present at the meeting were the following members of the Board: Frank Warmerdam, Chris Holmes, Dave McIllhagga, Venkatesh Raghavan, Arnulf Christl, Markus Neteler. Jennifer Daehler was also present. Gary Lang joined the call later point, Dave McIllhagga left early. All participants on the call indicated that they could hear one another. Additionally, Internet Relay Chat was used for backup purposes (#osgeo on Mr. Warmerdam was appointed chairperson of the meeting. Finding a quorum present, Mr. Warmerdam called the meeting to order. Arnulf Christl was appointed secretary of the meeting.

Approval of Minutes

Review 16th. minutes approved, additional caller was identified, see Sixteenth Board Meeting

Reviewed and approved Seventeenth Board Meeting minutes.

Review and approve Meeting Minutes Lausanne 2006 minutes

Motion by FrankW to approve meeting minutes, second by Chris Holmes, unanimous vote, carried.

Review and approve Executive Director Job Description

Frank Warmerdam explains hat he made two changes regarding reporting duties. Motion to approve, second, vote, carried.

Approve Payroll Vendor Service Provider needed for payrolling Executive Director

(This point was revisited later when Gary Lang joined the call) Gary Lang in short explains that the expected costs are way higher than expected but there does not seem to be an alternative. Markus Neteler requests for more information on what this is about, Gary Lang will prepare a paper and send it to the list.

Discuss/approve Migration Plan document

(This point was discussed before Gary Lang joined the call) Migration Plan document has been reviewed and was found to meet the needs of the projeccts. It was motioned and approved to start with the migration plan, authorizing the expenditure for the new systems as OSU OSL provided that Gary Lang confirms cash flow will support the purchase. Carried.

Discuss/approve LogoProposal request from VisCom for $7200 for logo and branding work.

Motion by Arnulf Christl to approve VisCom request to spend $7200 for logo and branding work as proposed by Michael Gerlek, second by Chris Holmes, vote (all +1, FrankW -0), carried.

Discuss/approve TrademarkGuidelines proposed by VisCom

Renewed discussion on copyright, trademark, registering trademarks. Discussion whether it should be allowed to be creative on the logo. The current logo usage guidelines do not allow this. It was motioned to approve the logo usage guidelines as set in TrademarkGuidelines. Carried.

Discuss what, if any trademarks OSGeo wants to claim, and whether to register them

It was decided to not register the trademarks right away, Jennifer Daehler advised to use the superset (tm) once in every document.

Discuss OSGeo support for Kids GIS Portal project

Frank Warmerdam suggests to use server space at telascience for the Kids GIS Portal project. It will show spatial data and interfaces using a Map Guide installation. The board approves.

Review Service Provider Directory concept

Discussion on the service provider directory and whether OSGeo should add proprietary software names in a drop down box advertizing the service provider capabilities. It was decided that for now we would not list proprietary technologies in the expertise list. The Service Provider Proposal was approved.