Meeting Minutes Lausanne 2006

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08:30 - Continental Breakfast provided

08:30 - 08:45 - 15 min - Introduction, Agenda Review

08:45 - 09:00 - 15 min - Define Logo usage (protection vs. promotion/branding) - Logo Use

09:00 - 09:45 - 45 min - Define how Executive Director role will work.

09:45 - 10:00 - 15 min - Break


Intro - Review Agenda

Markus - review committee structure - add to ED discussion

New Agenda Item - Volunteerism Approach - Arnulf

" Action Item: keep talking about approach to involvement of potential volunteers

" How do we recognize in-kind contributions?

" Discussion of effective communication inwards -

o Roll up various committee information into a digest

o Translation of the digest would improve communication to non-English audience

" Discussion of effective communication outwards

" Committee Structure - maps to our

Logo Usage

" How do we authorize use of logos?

" Frank: not a board issue - leave it to VisCom

" Motion: Give VisCOmm 14 days to give Board a Logo Policy to review

o Carried

" How ED Role Will Work

o Arnulf - it's spelled out in the Wiki

o Gary - Goes into Socratic butt-head mode

o Mentor - Helps tCommittee Chairs Create and Follow chair guidelines.

o ED should not have the sole responsibility for fund-raising, because the FunComm et al need to help carry the responsibility

o Board: Perf Review every 6 months at FTF

" Action Item: Write up ED Description, Bullet points of Role and Responsibility

" Action Item: All OSGeo project leaders to review infrastructure heads

" Motion: Incentive bonus for Funding by EOY, Infrastructure by 1/1


Action Item: ED has infrastructure list - sent to board. Will review by next boaord meeting and comment

Feasibility for MapGuide to be provided by EOM September or ADSK funding to be directed towards non-OSGeo hosting provider

1. To promote the use of open source software in the geospatial industry (not just foundation software) - PR, training, outreach, ... Promotion and Visibility Committee

Result: Yes we are doing a good job promoting the projects overall.

2. To provide resources for foundation projects - infrastructure, funding (Fundraising), legal, ...

Result: Yes. But have future issues - Tyler and Jo are currently driving

3. To encourage the implementation of open standards and standards-based interoperability in foundation projects.

Result: Used in incubation process for review. Not much else beyond that.

4. To make foundation and related software more accessible to end users - binary ""stack"" builds, cross package documentation, etc.

Result: Disfunctional. ED to take up and see how to help drive it. Moveo GRASS translation portal to OSGeo infrastructure

5. To promote freely available geodata - free software is useless without data (Public Geospatial Data Project)

Result: Banners on web site. Good in general; one of the more active communities

6. To ensure a high degree of quality in foundation projects in order to build and preserve the foundation ""brand"".

7. To encourage communication and cooperation between OSGeo communities on different language (ie Java/C/Python) and operating system (Win32, Unix, MacOS) platforms.

8. To support use and contribution to foundation projects from the worldwide community through internationalization of software and community outreach.

9. To operate an annual OSGeo Conference, possibly in cooperation with related efforts (ie. EOGEO).

10. To provide support for the use of OSGeo software in education via curriculum development, outreach, and support (Core Curriculum Project).

11. To award the Sol Katz award for service to the OSGeo community.