Eighth VisCom Meeting Minutes

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This meeting was mostly transcribed into the IRC logs, but was also held on a telephone conference call.

Present: Michael G., Arnulf C., Perry N., Frank W., Tyler M., Aaron K., Jo W., Josh L., Chris H., Aaron R.

Action Items

  1. Tyler: follow up with Ian Turton see if he can help with booth at geoweb, let Kirsten (Autodesk) know.
  2. Who?: Need volunteer to be VisCom conf. organising contact for Autodesk at EuroOSCON. Have alread set up single contacts for Autodesk at certain conferences: Tyler (OSCON), Michael (Geoweb), Arnulf (FOSS4G), EuroOSCON (*?*)
  3. Kirsten: Disc. MapAsia and World Map Forum with Venka re: possibility of helping with an OSGeo booth.
  4. Tyler: See if GeoWeb passes are available for Aaron K/others.
  5. All: Consider short vs long term goals/priorities for VisCom
  6. Michael: To review and clarify committee wiki page re: priorities
  7. Tyler: Follow up with Alain re: VisCom membership
  8. All: Dave M. to be removed from committee, to focus on Fundraising
  9. Michael: Revamp events page, setup for adding more details/launching point on wiki
  10. All: Start adding TM symbol to our logo
  11. All: Need logo usage guidelines and icons (i.e. "Powered by OSGeo") in various formats
  12. All: Consider how to join, membership benefits
  13. Michael: Press release