Eleventh VisCom Meeting Minutes

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Meeting was help August 31st, 8AM PST.

Lisa, Michael, Tyler, Arnulf all attended via phone; Michael, Tyler, Arnulf were on IRC.

review of previous meeting minutes

  • marketing guide by Lisa is available in draft
    • it is dense ~9 pages and is first pass
    • ending to viscom list for review, comment, etc. [TODO Lisa]
  • need to check with webcom re: link to PayPal and Cafepress sites [TODO mpg]
  • Lisa talked to PR team re: ZDNet interview from OSCON (they organised it)..
    • more info tomorrow [TODO Lisa]

New business

  • Michael started a general TODO list: VisComToDo
    • will be populating it over time [TODO mpg]
  • Cafepress site
    • Michael set it up and is waiting anxiously for others to buy some things.
    • Will need to propagate to more lists and projects (over time)
  • Drupal update
    • site has been moved to the Open Source Lab infrastructure
    • available at http://community.osgeo.org
    • mpg eager to move content, as always
    • anyone can register to be on the site now; ask webcom if need "editor" role
  • Discussion of logo use, owenership, trademark questions
    • Michael doing up some logo guidelines: TrademarkGuidelines
    • Lisa added some more: TrademarkGuidelinesMore
    • no comments from others; need more comments/review and then pass to Autodesk legal team
    • Jason (WebCom) brought this up, hopefully this addresses his need
    • Arnulf suggest splitting issue into smaller pieces (use of logo on project website? company site?), and then tackle larger/more issues (what about TM of OSGeo name, etc)
    • mpg to draft request for discussion at the F2F [TODO mpg]
  • Logo branding/design help
    • Michael has been looking into a resource to help with different version of logos, colours, etc
    • mpg to report out on this [TODO mpg]
  • Tyler asks about picking next years' events
    • breakdown of events, major class is "base/sponsored"
    • examples: intergeo, foss4g, where, oscon, euro-oscon
    • Arnulf suggests get events on Wiki then decide priorities collaboratively
    • seven notes people want us to attend their events (often at no cost to us)
    • FOSS4G is moving to be more under OSGeo control next year: see OSGeo_Conference_RFP_2007
    • no formal action was taken on this? [TODO who?]