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OSGeo FOSS-GPS list for the purpose of discussing open source GPS software issues, ideas, development and so on. See reasons to join below.

List archives


  • It’s vital for an open source project to communicate with the community - the end users of your software.
  • It’s useless for all projects to have their own mailing list so this FOSS-GPS is a nice tool for you to get in contact with the community.
  • Find developers for your project

Join the list to hear what the users think of your software. Ask them what kind of features they would like to to see in the following releases. Encourage skilled users to send patches. Release alpha and beta versions to be tested and get your feedback. Share ideas and solutions with other developers to get the most out of GPS. Let the community know how your project is doing, where would a path or two be needed and so on. Maybe you need a translation.

If your project already has a mailing list or a forum it’s still useful to join to hear what the users think and also let more users know right away about your releases.

You’re welcome to join the list! Write a little introduction when you join so people know that your project is there. Also tell about the list on your project web page to let the users know where to go to contact you and other users in case they want some more information about the software.


Do you want to know what’s happening in the Open Source GPS world? What are the hottest programs and features? Maybe you want to know if your favorite program will release a new version soon and help them by testing the beta version. Or do you want to share your experiences about the software: what are the best features, what’s still missing? What did you find when you needed a tool to import gps tracks or navigate?

You’re welcome to join the list! Write a little ‘Hello World’ note telling who you are, what GPS software you use and so on. If you’re on some forums that have people who might be interested about this it’s more than encouraged to spread the world! Tell the developer of your favourite programs to join the list to get the latest from the community.


First idea at osgeo-discussion

Ticket to create the list

Announcement of the list and invitation to join



  • gpsd - GPS daemon
  • GpsBabel - GPS data format converter
  • GpsTrans - Old Garmin download tool
  • gardump - Newer Garmin download tool
  • ...

dGPS and accuracy-improvement

  • ...

GPS Map viewers

  • GpsDrive - moving map
  • FoxtrotGPS is an easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS. It runs on any Linux platform from the desktop over eeePC down to phones like the Openmoko Neo. It started as a community-supported offshoot of tangoGPS.
  • osm-gps-map Gtk+/Python widget draws a GPS track and points of interest on a moving map display. Downloads map data from a number of websites, including

Navigation and route-planing