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Let's get a lot of suggestions in, then we'll sort them into a play order and allocate them to before-Opening and after-Closing.

Themes of freedom, sharing, and looking to the future...

Opening Plenary Music

  • Imagine, John Lennon
  • Think, Aretha Franklin
  • I'm Free, The Soupdragons
  • One Love, Bob Marley
  • One, U2
  • Beautiful Day, U2
  • Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow), Fleetwood Mac
  • You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, BTO
  • Taking Care of Business, BTO
  • Jump, Van Halen
  • Pusherman, Curtis Mayfield
  • Voodoo Child (slight return), Jimi Hendrix
  • Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix
  • Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin
  • Sympathy For the Devil, Rolling Stones
  • Dio, Tenacious D
  • Refugee, Tom Petty
  • Won't Get Fools Again, The Who
  • Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (Soundtrack Kill Bill)

Closing Plenary Music

  • One Place, Everything But the Girl
  • The Price I Pay, Billy Bragg
  • There is Power in a Union, Billy Bragg
  • Departure Bay, Diana Krall
  • Consequence Free, Great Big Sea
  • Every Picture Tells a Story, Rod Stewart
  • Life During Wartime, Talking Heads
  • Freedom Rider, Traffic
  • Vertigo, U2
  • Won’t Forget These Days, Fury in the Slaughterhouse
  • The Best Was Yet To Come, Brian Adams

General Quiet Time

Most of the time when we want music will be when folks are being seated. Here are a couple "ambient" background music podcast examples that are nice and long so they can be switched on and off without the obvious interruption of lyrics, etc.