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Up until August 26, 2007, the Information for Instructors page had a section titled Application and Utility Software, which was a list of software to potentially be installed under Windows XP on the classroom PCs.

August 24th was the deadline for Instructors to use that section to:

  • indicate software that they needed for their Workshop/Lab
  • add software to the list that they needed for their Workshop/Lab
  • provide any notes about the installation or configuration of any of the software

The information from that section has been moved to this page, effective August 26, 2007.

From that point forward, this page will be used by the FOSS4G 2007 Workshop Committee to show the status of the software on the classroom PCs.

If Instructors have questions about the software on the classroom PCs, send an email to the FOSS4G2007-Workshops mailing list.

Changes made to this page by anyone other than FOSS4G 2007 Workshop Committee members will be deleted.

Status of "master PCs"

There are two types of "master PC". There are three hardware models of rental PCs, and one hardware model of PC being supplied by the City of Nanaimo. More information about their specifications is on the Information for Instructors page.

The information below about software that has been installed applies to the master rental PCs.

Software on "master PCs"

Software that has been installed on master rental PCs

Last update: September 9, 09:45 PDT

Software was installed in the order listed.

Workshops and Labs that are listed under the software have indicated that they need that software for their Workshop/Lab

Application and Utility Software

NOTE: this information is here for historical purposes - do not make updates to this page

This section applies to the software that will be installed under Windows XP.

If your Workshop/Lab deals with software installation, it is expected that will be explained by the Instructor (e.g. via slides), and will not involve actual installation of the software.

The English-language version of software will be installed.

Web Browsers will have their homepage set to

Original Instructions

If there is any software that is needed for your Workshop/Lab that is not listed below, add it to the list, including a version number, and a link to where it can be downloaded

  1. For each piece of software in the list that you require for your Workshop/Lab, you must edit this page and add your Workshop/Lab "ID number" to the line below the software. Software which is not identified as being required for any Workshops/Labs will not be installed.
    • DEADLINE: the deadline for updating the software list with your Workshop/Lab "ID number" is August 24, 2007.
    • use "Wnn" for Workshops (e.g. W01,W02,W10) and "Lnn" for Labs (e.g. L01,L02,L10)
    • If the software doesn't list a specific version number, or only a major version number is shown:
      • if a version number is not listed, or only a major version number is shown, the version that is installed will be the latest non-beta release that is available when the 'master PCs' are being built
      • if you require a specific version for your Workshop/Lab add the specific version number after the software's name, and add a link to where it can be downloaded
      • If the software has a version number listed, and it is different than the version that is required for your Workshop/Lab, then please send an email to the FOSS4G2007-Workshops mailing list so that you and the other Instructors who need that software can resolve what version will be loaded onto the 'master PCs'
      • It is OK to add a note to the software if it is required to clarify the version number
  2. The Workshop Committee needs your help in making sure that the software is installed and configured as needed for your Workshops/Labs
    • DEADLINE: the deadline for supplying us with any specific information about the software installation and/or configuration for software that is required for your Workshop/Lab is August 24, 2007.
    • While we will be installing all the required Application and Utility Software that is listed below, make the assumption that we know nothing about the software.
    • If there are specific options or settings that need to be made during the software's installation, we need to know what you want.
    • If there are specific instructions as to how to configure the software once it is installed, we need to know what you want.
    • The way you tell us what you want is to create a plain text README file for each piece of software that you need to provide information for, and upload those files to the /software/ folder under your Workshop/Lab's folder on the FTP server. See the FOSS4G2007 FTP server section for more information.
    • DO NOT add notes to this list with things such as user IDs, etc. - any information such as that belongs in the README file