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Information about Video and Photos from the FOSS4G 2007 conference that was held in Victoria, BC, Canada, September 24 to 27, 2007.


The only videos that were made are from the Opening Plenary session and the Closing Plenary session.

They are pretty good quality, though there is some sound clipping and you can't see the actual slides, only the speaker.

The Opening Plenary video does not include Damien Conway's talk.

Opening Plenary session video

Closing Plenary session video

Video notes

Information, hints and tips about the videos.

If you use the "Open in popup window" option, make sure to stop the player in the browser window, otherwise you may get the sound track from both the in-browser video and the popup window video.

Opening Plenary session video

Despite the length claimed, there is no content after 1:36:22.

Closing Plenary session video

You may find that after you "wait a while", you get to see a freeze-frame of Paul Ramsey walking across the stage. The video starts at 0:00, and after a few seconds, jumps to "4:11", and that's where it freezes. If you drag the slider to a later time, you can get the video to start playing. If you start at about 4:30, you won't miss anything. The total time for the video is shown as 143:20(2 hours 23 minutes 20 seconds), but it actually ends at 1:53:44.


The FOSS4G 2007 website has a Picture Gallery that covers the conference days as well as pre and post conference information and activities.

The FOSS4G 2007 attenders who use Flickr were asked to tag their photos with foss4g2007, so all pictures can be easily found. There is also OSGeo group on Flickr dedicated to build photos pool from FOSS4G and OSGeo events.