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This page is dedicated to collect information helpful for everyone interested in tourist activities in Cape Town, during FOSS4G 2008. Please, add any information you would consider helpful for people visiting Cape Town.

See how it was done in 2007: FOSS4G2008_Tourism

List of proposed topics:

Must-see places, features, etc.

Cape Town By Bus

Public / Online geodata and maps

Online Maps of Cape Town

Walking with GPS

Where can I get some waypoints about Cape Town?

There is also a Cape Town Mapping Party planned during the weekend before the conference, so it will be also an interesting opportunity to take a walk or ride a bike and visit Cape Town.

Helpful notes

Tourism information, phone numbers, must-know, etc.


There is also some useful information available on the official website of FOSS4G 2008

Add some more on

About Cape Town
Wining, Dining, Shopping
Special places
Further afield
around Cape Town
Western Cape
Other provinces
Neighbouring coutries

Also see the conference organiser's website: