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FOSS4G Discount for Charter Members (Draft Proposal)

Since 2006 in Lausanne, the OSGeo Foundation is organizing the most important event in the world about Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics (FOSS4G), gathering the community of major international experts from all over the world and amongst all of the OSGeo communities. Obviously, the OSGeo Foundation desires to have its Charter Members join this event; so, to ease their plight, the OSGeo Foundation is offering a special discount to Charter Members for registering to attend the annual FOSS4G event.

The fees that a Charter Member should pay to attend the FOSS4G event should not exceed the price fixed by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for early bird registration. That means that, even if the deadline was passed already, OSGeo Charter Members will always benefit from the discounted early bird price.

To achieve this goal, future LOCs will have to mention accepting this specific discount privilege for OSGeo Charter Members in their hosting proposal (so, this proposal cannot be taken into account before the RFP for FOSS4G 2016). The LOC can then work with the OSGeo Secretary, who maintains the official contact list for OSGeo Charter Members.

The OSGeo Foundation feels that Charter Members are the core of the organization, and deserve a thank you for their passionate and dedicated support.